5 Pro-Tips To Up Your Twitter Game


1. Mention to Engage

You can optimise engagement on Twitter by @mentioning people, brands, etc. inside of tweet. Tweetdeck is a recommended tool for finding twitter handles easily due to the auto-complete and comprehensive search result feature.

2. Queue ‘Em Up!

You can easily create queue slots on HootSuite and Buffer and just queue up tweets ahead of time to deal with issues like lack of WiFi/internet access, low battery, etc. With the Buffer app you can have up to 10 slots on the free version and unlimited on the paid version, while HootSuite suggest when best to schedule your tweet based on when your followers are most active.

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#SWDub | 7 Takeways from Startup Weekend Dublin

Awesome first day at Google for Startup Weekend. The energy is up high to the roof with developers, designers and business peoples ready to hack away for the next 54 hours.

OnePlace is here after just winning the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award and securing a place on the September 2014 NDRC launchpad but all we, Alex Keaney and I, have is an idea and the business acumen. That’s why we came to #SWDub to take it to the next level and it is exciting having Daniel Beere – a kick-ass UI/UX designer on the team to make this happen.

The journey has been amazing so far and here are 7 takeaways from the Day 1 at #SWDub:

1. Developers are scarce. Biz Devs are in surplus. Designers are latinos.


2. Social and Mobile is king. More than 80% of Pitched Ideas


3. Find a problem that affects you. Solve if for others.


4. Growth Hacking your Team = 50% Jokes + 40% Laughs + 10% Ideas


5. Hardware/Dashboards are NOT sexy to pitch… …just yet.


6. Digital Pancakes: Word Play > Ideas > Start > Validate


7. “Save the world” startups are not welcome.


Oh you didn’t think I was going to write a 1,000 word post, did you? It’s back to hacking away for Day 2.  You can follow live updates from me on twitter – @NubiKay @NubiKayBlog and @OnePlaceHQ.

Road to the Accenture #LOT finals

We’ve come so far to give up who we are.. or in this case on this app.

Can’t get the Daft Punk tune out of my head as we went from Top 60 applicant pass 3 rounds into the final 6 at the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow competition – one that attracted Ireland’s brightest student entrepreneurs.

It’s been an amazing journey, especially the Development Days at Accenture at NDRC and come April 10, the winning team walks away with either an internship at Accenture or place on the NDRC launchpad program – and a trophy.

The big ideas that got us to the finals?

I’ve been working with Alex Keaney on OnePlace, an application to make messaging simple again.

You’d agree we’ve gone from when communicating was simple via email and text messaging to a time of tens (possibly hundreds) of Instant Messaging and Social Networking apps – with you active on at least 3 platforms making communication more difficult and in the case of team/groups a corresponding drop in productivity.

Well, time to go back to the good ol days where you sent a message and the odds the recipient received it is very high. How? OnePlace aggregates all of your messaging apps, allows for smart sending (so you send to active and priority recipient accounts), and consolidate in-bound messages from multiple platforms for better context.

For updates on our journey, follow @OnePlaceHQ on twitter.

You can now stop reading and just watch the recap video below

Make That Idea Sticky: SUCCESs

An idea is at the heart of every presentation, marketing tactic, blog post and sales pitch.

1. Simple

A successful idea has to be simple. But that doesn’t mean short, dumbed-down or packaged in catchy sound bites.

2. Unexpected

What makes the story so powerful is how unexpectedly it ends. While it begins so innocently, it ends with a surprising twist.

3. Concrete

Successful ideas have to be concrete. That makes them easy to remember, and easy to spread.

4. Credible

Credibility makes an idea believable. Common factors include exhaustive research, citing other experts, and possessing relevant credentials.

5. Emotional

People will only buy something if they trust it. And they won’t spread something unless they connect with it.

6. Stories

Finally, the last ingredient of sticky ideas are stories. When you wrap a compelling idea in narrative, it takes on a life of its own.

Source: 500 Business Books

Social Media War: Leverage On Competitor’s Misfortune

This above photo is from a Facebook update made by Konga.com – an online retail store, and it was made in response to a competitor – Kasuwa (now Jumia.com) laying off about half of its staff – some were poached from good companies, luring with twice/thrice the salary they held. These people barely spent 3 months and shown the door – or so the story goes.

Konga.com is somewhat the people’s favorite as far as e-commerce services is concerned and that is because of the delivery speed which ranges from 2-48 hours. Although coverage area for now is only Lagos, it delivers as compared to a Kasuwa that claims to have a nation wide coverage and takes weeks to deliver.

So here’s Konga.com playing the card to mocking Kasuwa (or Jumia) while consoling the victims of the lay-off – on Facebook (and Twitter)!