5 Pro-Tips To Up Your Twitter Game


1. Mention to Engage

You can optimise engagement on Twitter by @mentioning people, brands, etc. inside of tweet. Tweetdeck is a recommended tool for finding twitter handles easily due to the auto-complete and comprehensive search result feature.

2. Queue ‘Em Up!

You can easily create queue slots on HootSuite and Buffer and just queue up tweets ahead of time to deal with issues like lack of WiFi/internet access, low battery, etc. With the Buffer app you can have up to 10 slots on the free version and unlimited on the paid version, while HootSuite suggest when best to schedule your tweet based on when your followers are most active.

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3 Social Media Tools For Better Performance on Twitter


Twitter happens to be my all time favourite social network as it makes the case to immediately connect with any user when you know their @twitterhandle. It sure goes up from there to being able to send a DM (if they follow you), follow and participate in conversations via #hashtags, and simply sharing photos, videos, http://weblin.ks, and text in 140 characters (or less).

However, how do you take your twitter game to the next level? Well, here are 3 tools I’d recommend you check out:

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The Social Chef

My name is Nubi Kay’ and I’m a foodie.

It’s pretty rare to watch interesting movies that have glaring lessons for small businesses and brands but this was not the case with the movie — Chef.

I’d recommend every business owner, marketing department, and aspiring start-up founders to watch the movie as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are 5 social media takeaways:

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How to get your $5 social media plan

Came across any awesome web service, Fiverr, and saw it an opportunity to help startup brands and business with their social media plan.

With a good number of inquiries been made especially on clarification on a pro bono deal that seems too good to be true, I have decided to make it clear and simple for you to opt-in.

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Get Connected. Build Your Online Presence Today for Cheap with Wild Ripples

Get a website or online portfolio with a 30-day social media and online presence management valued at N150,000.00 for only N50,000.00 today.
What’s in the package?
  • customized website or online portfolio
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#CanYouSeeMeNow // How To Make Your Tweets More Visible [SLIDE]

Happy new year everybody.

Here are some tips to help give your tweets better visibility, especially with the forecast that the platform is to double its number of tweets per day to a billion.

To avoid being lost in the stream of tweets, here are 5 simple tips:

Your Facebook Shared Post’s Thumbnail Matters

Nigeria had just played Kenya during the weekend in the World Cup Qualifiers (Africa) fixture, and the post below caught my attention, but as I was about to click the link, I saw the post’s caption was ‘FG, World Bank collaborate on $300m housing facility‘.


This had nothing to do with sports, so I move on – well until I thought it best to share why it’s important to always have the right thumbnail to go with Facebook posts.

In fact, it’s better to have no thumbnail, and if your image fetcher does not get the right image (this happens many times) you can upload a photo and caption it with the title and link to the article.

Yes, something like the image below:


This will make it easier to spot your post on my news feed, increase the chances of me clicking the url, liking the post, putting down a comment, and even sharing it.