Make That Idea Sticky: SUCCESs

An idea is at the heart of every presentation, marketing tactic, blog post and sales pitch.

1. Simple

A successful idea has to be simple. But that doesn’t mean short, dumbed-down or packaged in catchy sound bites.

2. Unexpected

What makes the story so powerful is how unexpectedly it ends. While it begins so innocently, it ends with a surprising twist.

3. Concrete

Successful ideas have to be concrete. That makes them easy to remember, and easy to spread.

4. Credible

Credibility makes an idea believable. Common factors include exhaustive research, citing other experts, and possessing relevant credentials.

5. Emotional

People will only buy something if they trust it. And they won’t spread something unless they connect with it.

6. Stories

Finally, the last ingredient of sticky ideas are stories. When you wrap a compelling idea in narrative, it takes on a life of its own.

Source: 500 Business Books


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