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Here’s what I’m doing instead of daily quotes for 2015

No more daily quotes from me this year. I’ve decided to go with weekly videos in 2015. So that’s 52 videos on tips, lessons, and packets of knowledge gained in business, personal development, as well as investment opportunities.

See the Week 0 of 52 and intro video below

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Nike World Cup Ad: Can Ronaldo, Rooney, Neymar and Zlatan save football?

No one makes awesome football ads like Nike and they pushed the bar even higher in this 5-minute video to ride on the World Cup wave which kicks off today.

The ad is an animation in the not too distant future featuring the replacement of the world best players with clones taking the game to an all new mechanical place leaving the originals to no other option but retirement.

But Ronaldo De Lima (not to be confused for CR7) manages to rally the troop including Ibrahamovic, Neymar, Rooney, and others to save the beautiful game of football in a ‘first-to-score-wins’ game against the clone.

What happens next? Find out in the video below:

As seen on  SportsCabal