Road to the Accenture #LOT finals

We’ve come so far to give up who we are.. or in this case on this app.

Can’t get the Daft Punk tune out of my head as we went from Top 60 applicant pass 3 rounds into the final 6 at the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow competition – one that attracted Ireland’s brightest student entrepreneurs.

It’s been an amazing journey, especially the Development Days at Accenture at NDRC and come April 10, the winning team walks away with either an internship at Accenture or place on the NDRC launchpad program – and a trophy.

The big ideas that got us to the finals?

I’ve been working with Alex Keaney on OnePlace, an application to make messaging simple again.

You’d agree we’ve gone from when communicating was simple via email and text messaging to a time of tens (possibly hundreds) of Instant Messaging and Social Networking apps – with you active on at least 3 platforms making communication more difficult and in the case of team/groups a corresponding drop in productivity.

Well, time to go back to the good ol days where you sent a message and the odds the recipient received it is very high. How? OnePlace aggregates all of your messaging apps, allows for smart sending (so you send to active and priority recipient accounts), and consolidate in-bound messages from multiple platforms for better context.

For updates on our journey, follow @OnePlaceHQ on twitter.

You can now stop reading and just watch the recap video below


Watchu think?

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