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5 Takeaways from TEDxDublin

Thanks to my friend, James McBennett, I was able to secure last minute tickets to the sold out TEDxDublin 2014 that took place at the Bordais Gas Theater. It was an amazing venue and kudos to the organizing team for creating such an interactive environment.

However, the most remarkable part of the event was the people, especially those that took center stage to touch on our ever changing landscape. Here are 5 takeaways from folks that rocked the stage.

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His name is Rocstrong and he’s got sick tunes

Amazing time at 4 Dame Lane’s Dublin’s Uptown Shed Sessions with live music from Rocstrong and The Funk Element. Perhaps you’d value the session if you really love good live music and was very impressed to learn he actually wrote his songs.


My favorite songs from the evening: Go ‘Head, [She] Got It, Slow, and Row

Another reason to love Dublin.

You can listen to the latest music here and follow Rocstrong on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.


All Photos by: Nubi Kay – The Afrodubliner

#SWDub | 7 Takeways from Startup Weekend Dublin

Awesome first day at Google for Startup Weekend. The energy is up high to the roof with developers, designers and business peoples ready to hack away for the next 54 hours.

OnePlace is here after just winning the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award and securing a place on the September 2014 NDRC launchpad but all we, Alex Keaney and I, have is an idea and the business acumen. That’s why we came to #SWDub to take it to the next level and it is exciting having Daniel Beere – a kick-ass UI/UX designer on the team to make this happen.

The journey has been amazing so far and here are 7 takeaways from the Day 1 at #SWDub:

1. Developers are scarce. Biz Devs are in surplus. Designers are latinos.


2. Social and Mobile is king. More than 80% of Pitched Ideas


3. Find a problem that affects you. Solve if for others.


4. Growth Hacking your Team = 50% Jokes + 40% Laughs + 10% Ideas


5. Hardware/Dashboards are NOT sexy to pitch… …just yet.


6. Digital Pancakes: Word Play > Ideas > Start > Validate


7. “Save the world” startups are not welcome.


Oh you didn’t think I was going to write a 1,000 word post, did you? It’s back to hacking away for Day 2.  You can follow live updates from me on twitter – @NubiKay @NubiKayBlog and @OnePlaceHQ.

Discover Mikky Ekko – fella co-produced Stay with Rihanna

Walked into the Olympia theater for the One Republic concert on March 25. My favorite band was in Dublin and I had gotten tickets more than 3 months in advance so I was pretty excited.

Not to take the spotlight from the main act for the night who gave a stellar performance by the way, I was sort of intrigued by the opening act. I had no clue who he was at the time as no one really cared about opening acts but this fella caught my attention with his voice and style. No surprise One Republic’s lead singer called him a man with a ‘freaking voice’.

Was even taken aback when this opening act said he co-produced Rihanna’s Stay (later found out he was actually on the track). Yes he’s name is Mikky Ekko and he’s an amazing artist. I most appreciate how he plays with sound (from the pad and percussion) to be nothing but complimentary to his voice. No doubt you’d be a fan too if you like movie soundtracks. Who doesn’t? Little wonder he made one for Hunger Games – Catching Fire

Other recommended tracks:

Pull Me Down
Stay (featured by Rihanna)
Who Are You, Really?

Words on Canvas by Paul Curran at Sunday Slam, Dublin


Awesome Sunday night out at Accents Coffee and Tea Loungehot chocolate and marshmallow strongly recommended.

First ever Poetry Slam in Dublin and it was an amazing experience for me get a first super-dose of the artistic side of the city.  Thanks to Clara Rose for the invitation.

Slam Sunday had 9 poets on stage and they were all special and graceful in their unique ways but one man stood out of the crowd. Paul Curran.

An artist who painted a very detailed picture on the mind with words he spoke, storytelling that captured an audience of poets from start to finish.

You can check out his first poem and my favourite for the night – Four.