5 Pro-Tips To Up Your Twitter Game


1. Mention to Engage

You can optimise engagement on Twitter by @mentioning people, brands, etc. inside of tweet. Tweetdeck is a recommended tool for finding twitter handles easily due to the auto-complete and comprehensive search result feature.

2. Queue ‘Em Up!

You can easily create queue slots on HootSuite and Buffer and just queue up tweets ahead of time to deal with issues like lack of WiFi/internet access, low battery, etc. With the Buffer app you can have up to 10 slots on the free version and unlimited on the paid version, while HootSuite suggest when best to schedule your tweet based on when your followers are most active.

3. Every Character Counts

You can save characters spent on @ mentions by just tagging people on photos instead (via Twitter mobile app). You can tag up to 10 people on photos and this results to better engagement from RTs and Favourites.
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4. Break the Silence

Have nothing original to tweet about? You can search for the hashtag, keywords, and trending topics and just engage with people. A good place to start issearch.twitter.com

5. Replying to Tweets

While replying a tweet and you want other people to see it, add a period (.) before the mention (@).

So instead of “@NubiKay Hope you…” go for “.@NubiKay Hope you…“.

Why? Only people following you and @NubiKay will see the first, while everybody following you and @NubiKay will see the second.

This was first published on Social Media Week Lagos blog.


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