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We Want Oven Fresh Bread [SURVEY]

We want oven fresh bread – or at least that’s what I think. I’d however need your help in knowing if that’s true and what it’d take to get you oven fresh bread, how and when you want it.

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How to stop procrastinating – right now!

Procrastination can be a highly destructive habit, stopping us from fulfilling our potential and disrupting our careers. Some of us seem to be more prone to it than others, but there are steps we can take to change our ways.
  1. Recognise when you are procrastinating.
  2. Understand why you’re procrastinating.
  3. Consider the body-emotion-thought connection.
  4. Adopt appropriate strategies.
  5. Break destructive patterns.

Source: Emerging Star

Let The Light In, Leave The Dark Out


Just stumbled upon this photograph and it gave me this meaning:

“In any relationship, someone tries to bring things to light and wants openness, while the other would rather stay in the dark, just to stay away from any form of vulnerability that external factors may bring. In any ways, a good measure of both is needed to have a functioning relationship – be open to each other but don’t give a sh*t about what others think or say.”

In other words, shine the light on yourselves and keep others in the dark.


2013 – Wishing You A Prosperous And Delicious Year

New year art

It’s a new year and I am happy to have crossed over with you. Excited to have co-founded my startup and looking to serve you better this 2013

Make it a decision to try out new cuisines from various restaurant. Think Food – stress free, Think Lazy Appetite.

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From all of us at Lazy Appetite, a prosperous and delicious year.

Relationship 101: A Bias For Trust


Two very simple truths:

a. Don’t waste your time initiating relationships that aren’t going to thrive and benefit both sides.

b. Productive connection requires mutual trust. You can’t empathize with someone you don’t trust.

If you enter an engagement filled with wariness, alert for the scam, the inauthentic and the selfish, you’ll poison the relationship before it even starts. Those you deal with won’t be challenged to rise to your expectations of excitement and goodwill. Instead, they’ll struggle in the face of your skepticism.

Instead of seeking and amplifying the sharp edges, consider focusing on the dignity and goodwill of the people you’re working with.

Sure, there are people out there who will disappoint you. But expecting to be ripped off poisons all your interactions instead of saving you from a few dead ends.

An open mind and an open heart usually lead to precisely that in those that you are about to deal with. Perhaps we should give people a chance to live up to our trust instead of looking for the gotcha.

Source – Seth Godin