#AdsWeLove: Coca-Cola Friendly Twist


New Sound: Gonna Be Alright (Freestyle)

The end of the first semester is around the corner so it’s crazy times with lots of deadline, term reports, presentations  and then exams.

I pulled out my new guitar and made this for me and you.

Hope you enjoy it.

Be Smart! Don’t Run Over – by @YinkaAdewale [PODCAST]

I’ve got a friend – Yinka Adewale, and he’s doing great stuff. He calls himself a blogger, among other things, so here is some #BloggerLove.

This spoken words looks at the importance of being smart – no the kind you get from a diploma, but the type you need to have at those critical moments that you need to make decisions.

Play >> Be Smart! Don’t Run Over


He Also Works In Oil And Gas [PHOTO]

This photo is currently trending on twitter for the Lagos, Nigeria area [according to trendsmap.com], and among many attached tweets, the most interesting caption I got was from @huntellagadgets, where he said:

He [the man in the photo] also works in Oil and Gas

oilandgasThis is interesting because it shows another side to the booming, and rich industry in Nigeria.

When you think Oil and Gas, real estates on the island, and fleet of cars, come to mind asper lifestyle, but down in the trenches and creeks are men like these – diligently working the busted pipelines to make ends meet.

Relationship 101: A Bias For Trust


Two very simple truths:

a. Don’t waste your time initiating relationships that aren’t going to thrive and benefit both sides.

b. Productive connection requires mutual trust. You can’t empathize with someone you don’t trust.

If you enter an engagement filled with wariness, alert for the scam, the inauthentic and the selfish, you’ll poison the relationship before it even starts. Those you deal with won’t be challenged to rise to your expectations of excitement and goodwill. Instead, they’ll struggle in the face of your skepticism.

Instead of seeking and amplifying the sharp edges, consider focusing on the dignity and goodwill of the people you’re working with.

Sure, there are people out there who will disappoint you. But expecting to be ripped off poisons all your interactions instead of saving you from a few dead ends.

An open mind and an open heart usually lead to precisely that in those that you are about to deal with. Perhaps we should give people a chance to live up to our trust instead of looking for the gotcha.

Source – Seth Godin