5 startup ideas to disrupt Africa


The word ‘disrupt’ is one tech entrepreneurs have gotten used to and find it so easy to throw out every now and then that it has become quite difficult to know what startup ventures will really disrupt industries.

Perhaps the most convincing definition of a disruptive idea is one by Clayton M. Christen, where it is more about making a product or service more accessible and affordable to a larger market.

That said, I have come up with six startup ideas that, ceteris paribus, will disrupt Africa. I am sharing five of them in this article as I’m currently working on the last one – Travel Bay, to launch soon. So let’s get started.

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5 startup lessons from an entrepreneur’s interview


For Context: TechCabal had an interview with Kola Oyeneyin, founder of Autogenius — a startup looking to disrupt the insurance industry in Nigeria. Having read the interview I culled up 5 valuable lessons for entrepreneurs who aspire to launch game-changing startups. The original interview of Autogenius is here.

1. Good idea that sounds like a bad idea

Peter Thiel was in Dublin recently for the Web Summit and after seeing him talk (along side 3 teen entrepreneurs from his foundation) I started to get a better grasp at his rant on ‘good ideas that sound like bad ideas’ and how these are ideas that eventually disrupt or carry attributes of true innovation. Ben Horowitz jumped on the bandwagon and this video of his does shed good light on the topic.

I realized that Insurance worked. I had tasted the value of insurance and I loved it.

I’d like to think Autogenius is one of such type of ideas especially since you can draw a parallels with the beginning of Airbnb as both Founders have secrets, in this case it is Kola Oyeneyin’s personal experience with insurance.

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#BringBackOurGirls – The Rescue Mission

I was in the Dublin Taxi yesterday morning when the news came in on the radio that the location of the missing girls is known but they can not be rescued just yet.

All I have now is high hopes that whatever operation is being put in place to get them back home is successful.

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New Music – Aramide’s Feeling This Feeling

photo (1)

This is one tune you’d want to wake up to on a rainy morning only to be met with the warmth of your partner on the outer part of your arm.

It also works when you are both on the dance floor and just wanna dig it.

Simple and expressive words from Aramide backed up with just the right instruments (that guitarist is just off the hook) and kudos to the back up singers.


You can check out other songs from Aramide here – strongly recommended.

Winning Markets – 5 Point Social Media Strategy To Help Scale Your Start-up


Start-ups and businesses can now launch at or scale into many Africa markets by adopting technologies such as the Internet and social media however how are the odds of winning in various markets increased by ones social media strategy.

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While I’d be doing a deep dive on this during Social Media Week, here are 5 points your strategy should focus on when it comes to exploring and scaling into new markets.

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For The Love of Art – LitCaf Book Cafe Opens at E-Center, Yaba Lagos



I have the pleasure of introducing Litcaf, a place of books, discussions and coffee. LitCaf seeks to promote reading culture and nurture literary talents by giving them the opportunity work out of or gather at our hub. Our first book cafe, located on the first floor at E-Center, Yaba, Lagos is to be opened to the public at 1pm on Saturday, 2nd March, 2013.

Victor Ehikhamenor will be reading from his new book, Excuse Me. Other budding writers will also read from their works. Singing at this grand opening is award wining Kuchi Kuchi Jodie, and soul singer Bemyoda… the event will also feature spoken word performance by Obii, winner of the first Naija Poetry Slam.

See you there.