Vote For Me // 2013 #Unveiled Entrepreneur Awards for New Media

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This is my first nomination for any award (every other award so far has been academic – the type you ace exams for), so I’m kind of excited.

The #Unveiled Entrepreneur Awards have nominated me – Nubi Kayode for Wild Ripples – a new media outlet I co-founded with my buddy – Ahmed Adeyanju.

We offer training and consulting services – online presence/reputation management, creative solutions, and social media management for small, medium and blue chip business, individuals and brands and it’s been a fun ride with even more amazing future plans to continuously help businesses build their online presence and be profitable.

So please VOTE for me here. It’d be great to win the award and feel free to buzz me on twitter for personal or professional reasons.

Why Creative People Fail: Value Creation != Value Capture


The main reason why creative people fail is that they are very good with creating value in a product or service, but lack the know-how and asset to capture value (mostly via sales).

What are Assets?

That’s things are put in place for capture value. A good example will be a government policy that allows for a particular product to be essential for purchase – e.g. ‘1 laptop computer, 1 child’ educational policy. Such a policy will allow an intel to sell more computers, even though the value creation is production of microprocessors for computers.

Other forms of asset include capital – whether cash or human, strategic partnerships and collaborations.