Discover Simi Crowns – The Afro-Irish Entertainer






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What’s on your playlist? How I make music part of my everyday living


“Braaaaaanngh! Your alarm goes off, and you spring out of bed, into the shower, off down the stairs, trying to knot your tie and fix a cup of coffee at the same time. Oh! The toast is over baked, but then you think to yourself – “Lunch at (school, work) would be better”, and with that thought you run out to catch the bus down the street.

Tic-Tac-Tuc. The day flows so normally, just like any Tuesday would; and even without looking at the time, you get off the chair and head for the cafeteria. It is 12.15pm – Lunch time! Then follows the usual sounds: people chatting and chewing; metal cutlery clicking on ceramic plates; and the occasional door slamming.

The rest of the day drains away with sounds like: humming from the photocopy machine; (more) clicking sound of the office stapler; zooming sound of the cars passing by; not forgetting the frequent shouts from Mr. Tom – he sure has a temper. So one is grateful to be out of the building and back to “home-sweet-home”.

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His name is Rocstrong and he’s got sick tunes

Amazing time at 4 Dame Lane’s Dublin’s Uptown Shed Sessions with live music from Rocstrong and The Funk Element. Perhaps you’d value the session if you really love good live music and was very impressed to learn he actually wrote his songs.


My favorite songs from the evening: Go ‘Head, [She] Got It, Slow, and Row

Another reason to love Dublin.

You can listen to the latest music here and follow Rocstrong on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.


All Photos by: Nubi Kay – The Afrodubliner

[MUSIC] A quantum of solace with #ThePrayer by @EsePeters

Ese The Prayer

May all of your days be as bright as the sun
And all of your fears all fade with the dawn
And when the storms come, they will come like a flood
But not for long, no, not for long

May all of our children reach out to the wind
Find the magic, like kings and queens
And when the sky falls, it will fall like a war
But not for long, no, not for long

And we will sing, sing for our mothers
Sing songs of hope and love
We will sing for our brothers
Sing like tomorrow’s gone, in
Faith like a river
Hope like a fire
And love like a storm
Love like a storm
Love like a storm

The lyrics video was even more consoling:


Discover Mikky Ekko – fella co-produced Stay with Rihanna

Walked into the Olympia theater for the One Republic concert on March 25. My favorite band was in Dublin and I had gotten tickets more than 3 months in advance so I was pretty excited.

Not to take the spotlight from the main act for the night who gave a stellar performance by the way, I was sort of intrigued by the opening act. I had no clue who he was at the time as no one really cared about opening acts but this fella caught my attention with his voice and style. No surprise One Republic’s lead singer called him a man with a ‘freaking voice’.

Was even taken aback when this opening act said he co-produced Rihanna’s Stay (later found out he was actually on the track). Yes he’s name is Mikky Ekko and he’s an amazing artist. I most appreciate how he plays with sound (from the pad and percussion) to be nothing but complimentary to his voice. No doubt you’d be a fan too if you like movie soundtracks. Who doesn’t? Little wonder he made one for Hunger Games – Catching Fire

Other recommended tracks:

Pull Me Down
Stay (featured by Rihanna)
Who Are You, Really?

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New Music – Aramide’s Feeling This Feeling

photo (1)

This is one tune you’d want to wake up to on a rainy morning only to be met with the warmth of your partner on the outer part of your arm.

It also works when you are both on the dance floor and just wanna dig it.

Simple and expressive words from Aramide backed up with just the right instruments (that guitarist is just off the hook) and kudos to the back up singers.


You can check out other songs from Aramide here – strongly recommended.