5 startup ideas to disrupt Africa


The word ‘disrupt’ is one tech entrepreneurs have gotten used to and find it so easy to throw out every now and then that it has become quite difficult to know what startup ventures will really disrupt industries.

Perhaps the most convincing definition of a disruptive idea is one by Clayton M. Christen, where it is more about making a product or service more accessible and affordable to a larger market.

That said, I have come up with six startup ideas that, ceteris paribus, will disrupt Africa. I am sharing five of them in this article as I’m currently working on the last one – Travel Bay, to launch soon. So let’s get started.

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Check out Lagos Transport Edition of 2048 by DenvyCom [GAME]

This may not be as addictive as Flappy bird but it comes close especially if you understand the different ways to commute in Lagos, Nigeria.

2048, Las Gidi Transportation edition is simple enough to play as all you need are your arrow keys to move tiles branded leg, bicycle, okada, keke, danfo, molue, taxi, …, Porsche. When two tiles with the same transportation touch, they merge into one and another random tile pops. Point is to merge as many tiles as possible before you run out of space for new tiles.


Good thing I set a high score above 2048 at first play – if that is of any significance. However this comes recommended if you are looking to pass time and not get frustrated while at it (yes I was referring to Flappy Bird again).

This rip-off adapted version of the game was developed by DenvyCom’s Victor Dibia while the original was made by Gabriele Cirulli of MIT.

Why not take the game for a spin and let’s see how close you come to moving around the city of Lagos in a Porsche.

Play Here

We Want Oven Fresh Bread [SURVEY]

We want oven fresh bread – or at least that’s what I think. I’d however need your help in knowing if that’s true and what it’d take to get you oven fresh bread, how and when you want it.

Please help fill this 1 minute survey – trust me, it won’t take more than 60 seconds.  Your time is really appreciated.

Click here or Copy and Paste this link in your browser – http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5H7T339

P.S. This survey applies to only folks living in Nigeria.

For The Love of Art – LitCaf Book Cafe Opens at E-Center, Yaba Lagos



I have the pleasure of introducing Litcaf, a place of books, discussions and coffee. LitCaf seeks to promote reading culture and nurture literary talents by giving them the opportunity work out of or gather at our hub. Our first book cafe, located on the first floor at E-Center, Yaba, Lagos is to be opened to the public at 1pm on Saturday, 2nd March, 2013.

Victor Ehikhamenor will be reading from his new book, Excuse Me. Other budding writers will also read from their works. Singing at this grand opening is award wining Kuchi Kuchi Jodie, and soul singer Bemyoda… the event will also feature spoken word performance by Obii, winner of the first Naija Poetry Slam.

See you there.

2013 – Wishing You A Prosperous And Delicious Year

New year art

It’s a new year and I am happy to have crossed over with you. Excited to have co-founded my startup and looking to serve you better this 2013

Make it a decision to try out new cuisines from various restaurant. Think Food – stress free, Think Lazy Appetite.

Do joins us on FacebookTwitter and our blog for all things food: recipes, cuisines, deals, offers, recommendations, and more.

From all of us at Lazy Appetite, a prosperous and delicious year.

Hello AIESEC Turkey; This is Nubi from AIESEC 9ja!

Making a mind-call from the @Lagos: Local Training Seminar to @East Med

I came into Nigeria ending of June for my summer internship which was required for graduation, only to meet a  LR-AIESEC rush which has been keeping me in high-spirited since then. First AIESECer I met happens to be the current Communication manager (NST-IM Crew 10100) – Olumide. He invited me to an entrepreneur-seminar. Fortunately for me in attendance was the MCP – Abraham Iyiola and the MCVP-ER – Jean Suhas.  As if it was not enough, I met with the rest of the MC-Crew and Alumni, that same night. at an hang-out.

Coming down to the local level – AIESEC Lagos, I went to caravan and the first person I’d see was the LCP – TomLord, and then the LCVPs. Haba! Too many LRs. Where are the members? I was then na to work with the LCVPTM – Notey, the TMD – Medex Deyanz; as it was recruitment time for the LC, and before I knew it, I was on the OC team and then FACI team for the Local Training Seminar (which for the first time was done in an off-university location: Snake Island).

Mehn! My @XP just went into another gear. It was an amazing XP for me, meeting other FACIs: LCP (Ife) – Dapo, LCVP-X (Ife) – Gbemi, Interns from Austria and Greece – Pamela and Nikos respectively, e.t.c. I saw myself in the new recruit, and it was really fulfilling having to share my XP and knowledge with them, as well as gain from the Top-Talents in the house too.Induction and trainings were awesome too, and I got my first 2 mentees – who I’m mentoring virtually now.

Yay! I was also at the NTS – the AIESEC Nigeria National Training Seminar in Abeokuta (Otta). Meeting with people like Odunowo Tobi – Chair of the Conference, as well as LRs from all over the country, and members alike. Reminded me of delegate-XP as a newbie at – ATEMCO (AIESEC Turkey Educational and Motivational Congress) 2009, which I considered the final rite-of-passage into the AIESEC cultural society. So I heard AIESEC Nigeria needed an NST team, and what did I do?
Thanks for the likes of Abayomi Ogundipe – MCVPICX and Elema David – AIVP Country Development, who inspired me, I applied as a virtual member of the NST-IM Crew as the creative director, and did get the gig or should I say opportunity to bring something to the table. The summer quickly came to an end, and my last place of visit was the MC-Office to bid the AIESEC MC Team (including the NST colleagues) farewell.

To tell the truth, those 3 months in AIESEC Lagos (Nigeria) were the prime of my XP in @! Perhaps, the reason I look forward to applying for MCVP for 1112 Term. Until then I am currently trying my best in creating the Nigeria-Turkey connection as regards project-based exchanges.

Hello ADA! This is Nubi from Lagos, Nigeria!

Happuna! AIESECness!