5 Reasons Why Every Startup Founder Should Blog


Content marketing is increasingly becoming core of any Sales, PR, and Marketing strategy, and if you roll in the cycle of digital marketing pros and enthusiast, ‘storytelling’ is one buzzword that trended in 2014 – a fairly ‘new’ way of engaging with prospective and current customers in other to generate leads and make sales respectively.

Mirror this to a startup and it becomes evident that blogging which happens to be the go-to place or better yet warehouse for any content to be used for marketing purposes – driven on to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al – is one not to be taken for granted.

So why should startup founders get on the blogging train with the likes of Jason Njoku of IrokoTV, Mark Essien ofHotels.ng, and Iyin Aboyeji of Andela?

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Taking My Own ‘Blog Medicine’, How To Blog Non-Stop

I was about to send a post on ‘how to keep on blogging non-stop’ as a guest post to another blog. However, I have decided to do a series out of it while trying to revive this blog.

So here’s the #1. Explore. . .a lot!

Yes, that’s it. If you spend some time everyday to surf the internet to keep yourself informed, the daily newspaper, or just a book, or any form of content at all, there is high possibility that you’d have something worth sharing – be it a post, quote, photo, video, etc.


Till next time, keep exploring and share what you find interesting and it just might be what someone finds while exploring too.

Useful Resource: How To Blog With Little Or No Time by Oluwatobi Soyombo