#BringBackOurGirls – The Rescue Mission

I was in the Dublin Taxi yesterday morning when the news came in on the radio that the location of the missing girls is known but they can not be rescued just yet.

All I have now is high hopes that whatever operation is being put in place to get them back home is successful.

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IBM prize-winning ‘Baby Sitting’ photograph by TCD featured on CNN



This is me celebrating a friend and a successful venture.

No doubt TCD Photography has become a household name in Nigeria but this definitely pushes envelope from outside the local entertainment industry to an African and  global ‘issues’ platform.

‘Baby Sitting’ by TCD’s @Tobbinator only recently won the Grand Prize in the IBM Africa photo contest, and now the captured message goes global with a CNN feature.

As seen on CNN’s Inside Africa.

Photos from SheiFunmi’s #GetNaked HIV/AIDS awarness campaign

“This project applies to everybody because we are not focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness alone. One main aim of #GetNaked is to tell it all, breaking down the façade. Nothing is black and white; there are always different shades. Baring it all as youths, talking about sensitive issues in our society that affect our lives and us in general.” Founder, SheiFunmi dished about the project.

The #GetNaked Campaign is a global awareness campaign which will take place “in different cities, in different countries” with the first leg of the global tour kicking off in Nigeria.

Featured in the #GetNaked campaign preview photos are rapper Slim T, radio personality Kore Brown, comedian Owen Gee, 2013 Elite Model Look Winner Nneoma Anosike and Writer Kecy Anosike.

Follow the campaign on Twitter @projectgetnaked, Instagram @getnakedcampaign.

As seen on Olorisupergal