[MUSIC] A quantum of solace with #ThePrayer by @EsePeters

Ese The Prayer

May all of your days be as bright as the sun
And all of your fears all fade with the dawn
And when the storms come, they will come like a flood
But not for long, no, not for long

May all of our children reach out to the wind
Find the magic, like kings and queens
And when the sky falls, it will fall like a war
But not for long, no, not for long

And we will sing, sing for our mothers
Sing songs of hope and love
We will sing for our brothers
Sing like tomorrow’s gone, in
Faith like a river
Hope like a fire
And love like a storm
Love like a storm
Love like a storm

The lyrics video was even more consoling:



Be Smart! Don’t Run Over – by @YinkaAdewale [PODCAST]

I’ve got a friend – Yinka Adewale, and he’s doing great stuff. He calls himself a blogger, among other things, so here is some #BloggerLove.

This spoken words looks at the importance of being smart – no the kind you get from a diploma, but the type you need to have at those critical moments that you need to make decisions.

Play >> Be Smart! Don’t Run Over