3 Social Media Tools For Better Performance on Twitter


Twitter happens to be my all time favourite social network as it makes the case to immediately connect with any user when you know their @twitterhandle. It sure goes up from there to being able to send a DM (if they follow you), follow and participate in conversations via #hashtags, and simply sharing photos, videos, http://weblin.ks, and text in 140 characters (or less).

However, how do you take your twitter game to the next level? Well, here are 3 tools I’d recommend you check out:



Buffer is a social media tool that allows you share and schedule updates for future posting. You can create schedules and simply slot in tweets into the next available slot or manually set a time you want a particular tweet to go out.

The Sell: What’s is awesome about this app is that it also shows how every single tweet fairs in terms of Clicks, Retweets, Favourites, and reach – fancy word here will be analytics. With this information you can learn when best to tweet and see types of tweets that attract the highest reach and engagement. The app is web and mobile friendly, and all you need to sign up is your twitter account. You can also add a Facebook account and schedule up to 10 posts on the free version, while the paid version allows you to add more accounts and more schedule slots.



Hootsuite is another social media tool that help increase performance on Twitter. This is a dashboard type of application that allows you open and manage several streams and tabs based on your settings. Tabs are usually linked to a particular twitter account (free version also allows to add 4 more accounts including Facebook account, pages, Mailchimp, Foursquare, etc.), while Streams can range from your twitter timeline, mentions, DMs, to scheduled tweets, and search results.

The Sell: I’d recommend hootsuite for a team setup twitter management where you have a group of 2-10 creating and publishing content, as well as running reports from the analytics feature. The app also allows to schedule post and put in place some sort of hierachy with different rights, access level, and priviledges. It also has mobile apps but with limited functionality.



Tweetdeck (acquired by Twitter) is quite similar to Hootsuite in the sense that it’s also a dashboard application. Other similarities will be that it allows you schedule tweets, and have many streams made up of your twitter timeline, mentions, direct messages, and search results – hashtags or keyword. So what’s so special about it or what makes it different from hootsuite?

The Sell: For one Tweetdeck is primarily for managing twitter accounts and not other social networks. It also allows you add more than 5 social media accounts (not sure of the max, but I have add up to 12 accounts on). Perhaps the only thing wrong with this too is that it is not available on mobile devices but makes up for it with its browser version.

So there you have it. 3 social media tools to help step up your twitter game if you are considering factors such as: analytics, mobile, multiple account management, scheduling, browser compatibility, and multiple user access (team) management.

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