5 Takeaways from TEDxDublin

Thanks to my friend, James McBennett, I was able to secure last minute tickets to the sold out TEDxDublin 2014 that took place at the Bordais Gas Theater. It was an amazing venue and kudos to the organizing team for creating such an interactive environment.

However, the most remarkable part of the event was the people, especially those that took center stage to touch on our ever changing landscape. Here are 5 takeaways from folks that rocked the stage.

1. Be Yourself

Panti is Ireland’s foremost “gender discombobulater” and “accidental activist”. Her speech on hitting the breaking point and finally not giving a f**k about what society expects and accepts was very inspiring. Sometimes you just get fed up and start be-ing!


VIDEO: Watch Panti’s TEDxDublin talk here
be yourself


2. Educating the Mind

Former Governor of Mountjoy Prison, John Lonergan, argued beyond reasonable doubt that education – in and out of the classroom has the potential to transform society (His closing poem did earn him a standing ovation too). Knowledge does liberates.


3. Language of Nothing

Perhaps the funniest man on stage, Kevin Gildea an award winning writer, actor and comedian shed light on how brands, businesses, and government use the language of nothing to stimulate and control people. Awesome insight as this could be good and bad, depending on the motive and purpose.


4. LIKE, I was LIKE, she said, LIKE

Sociolinguist are society’s eavesdroppers. At least that what Vera Regan, a researcher at University College Dublin, said. It was interesting to see how history, identity, and aspirations are all encoded in language. I’d definitely the sharing the video of her talk once it’s published.


5. Fixing

As co-founder and creative director of Sugru, James Carrigan’s mission is to get the world fixing again. Perhaps what was most impressing about this idea is how simple innovation go a long way to put smiles on people’s faces. For example, a tool to help a granny put on her socks without the pain that comes from bending. Epic!


Promised fulfilled!

Until next year… keep coming up with ideas worth spreading


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