What’s on your playlist? How I make music part of my everyday living


“Braaaaaanngh! Your alarm goes off, and you spring out of bed, into the shower, off down the stairs, trying to knot your tie and fix a cup of coffee at the same time. Oh! The toast is over baked, but then you think to yourself – “Lunch at (school, work) would be better”, and with that thought you run out to catch the bus down the street.

Tic-Tac-Tuc. The day flows so normally, just like any Tuesday would; and even without looking at the time, you get off the chair and head for the cafeteria. It is 12.15pm – Lunch time! Then follows the usual sounds: people chatting and chewing; metal cutlery clicking on ceramic plates; and the occasional door slamming.

The rest of the day drains away with sounds like: humming from the photocopy machine; (more) clicking sound of the office stapler; zooming sound of the cars passing by; not forgetting the frequent shouts from Mr. Tom – he sure has a temper. So one is grateful to be out of the building and back to “home-sweet-home”.

Now that’s your playlist for the day, as what’s left is to go to bed at the end of the game only to run through the playlist again in the morning – starting with “Braaaaaanngh!.


Image by: City of Vancouver

Well, here’s my playlist…

I step out of bed from the alarm clock interrupting the jazzy mood from which I went to bed the night before. Then, I press the play button on my pop playlist — all thanks to Spotify; get myself a bowl of cereal and then step into the shower – humming the tunes and occasionally singing along to my favorite songs. As soon as I’m ready to go out to (school, work) I shut down my desktop, but not the music; as I put on my headphones and load my rock — especially the alternative, soft, and classical playlist and step out with my backpack on.

So, what about my lunch time? Fortunately for me, most cafeteria do play music of different genre – not so loud, but filtering softly out of the nicely positioned speakers. I therefore, look for such places to have lunch, but then I got my smartphone with music streaming apps and top songs of the season on my SD card for back-up.

Sure seems like the day couldn’t get anymore musical, but that is so wrong.

I usually go back home on a bus and sit close to the driver to make him tune the radio to the music frequency, and if it’s a car drive, I guess I do the same (music player again when walking or cycling).

Ah! The evenings are the best for me, as I get to engage in musical activities ranging from: hitting the karaoke bar with friends; going dancing at parties with colleagues; organizing mini-concerts to perform music to the public; playing my guitar to chords from Ultimate Guitar or simply chilling in front of my computer – working/studying with the music on. Did I hear you say bedtime? Yeah, I go to bed again with the music – oldies, jazz, blues, and classical.

Tip: Remember to set your PC to auto-standby to save energy.

Hmm! But then does it matter if we got different things on our daily playlists? Well it does. Your playlist does affect the way your day goes, as well as your performance. Music as they say and as I can attest to is “food for the soul”. It does have therapeutic effects, but above all, isn’t it just good to be surrounded by music? Moreover, wouldn’t you want to have a playlist of melodious tunes, rather than the annoying buzzes from the busy people around you day-in day-out?

So tell me, what is currently on your playlist, and the modifications that you would be making in the coming days?

Original article posted as Tip of The Week on Challenge Future with contributions from Dan Croitoru and Nadya Zhexembayeva.


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