5 lessons from the second day at Startup Weekend Dublin | #SWDub

Swell 2nd day at Startup Weekend Dublin and now into the final 10 hours (or less). If you missed out on the 7 takeaways you had better catch up but for now here are some lessons from:

Sell the selling point and nothing else.

Sounds crazy but we found ourselves pitching with a wrong description to our solution. We focused on a tiny bit of how we came up with the solution – the customer doesn’t care about that – instead of pitching the solution itself. An extreme example is Dominos Pizza running a marketing campaign about their ovens instead of pizza.

Hacking Checkpoint: In retrospect, ask for Help.

The mid-weekend health check had us tell what the story was so far – what had been done, what was to be done, and resource, people, and help needed. Very critical part of the weekend as we could evaluate the work put in and plan for the next mile. We also so our lapses and go help-seeking from mentors, organizers, and other participants that were up for help-giving. Special shout out to our caretaker – @MatthewGonzalez.

Mentors are NOT always overrated.

Kudos to the organizers for the quality of mentors at the startup weekend. We really got priceless inputs from our mentors including @Donal_Cahalane who pushed on us getting things done, @PaulMWatson on technology and branding – how to best describe #OnePlace to our target market (hitting the pain points), and last but not least @CristinaLuminea on possibly helping us crack our revenue model code. If this was all we got from #SWDub, it was definitely worth the experience. Big thanks to Ed on golden tips on designing a presentation deck.

Leave the hacking table. Talk to prospective users.

Data is sweet especially for validating hypothesis but it doesn’t always come to you while sitting behind a computer.  I found myself walking around talking to people and getting interesting insight on the needs and wants of the consumer – more value proposition and opportunities


Small (but mighty) teams move things along faster.

We are a team of 3 – Alex Keaney, Daniel Beere, and me. One thing I noticed from large teams of up to 11 was they went on a wild goose chase on business model, technology, UI, UX, and validation before coming back to the take off point at the start of the weekend. Although a valuable experience it seemed a waste of time in comparison to a small team where decision making and getting shit done was fast paced.

It’s back to hacking away on the last day of Startup Weekend Dublin. Catch me on twitter – @NubiKay @NubiKayBlog and @OnePlaceHQ. Let’s go!

P.S. Apologies for any typos. This dude is….


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