Discover Mikky Ekko – fella co-produced Stay with Rihanna

Walked into the Olympia theater for the One Republic concert on March 25. My favorite band was in Dublin and I had gotten tickets more than 3 months in advance so I was pretty excited.

Not to take the spotlight from the main act for the night who gave a stellar performance by the way, I was sort of intrigued by the opening act. I had no clue who he was at the time as no one really cared about opening acts but this fella caught my attention with his voice and style. No surprise One Republic’s lead singer called him a man with a ‘freaking voice’.

Was even taken aback when this opening act said he co-produced Rihanna’s Stay (later found out he was actually on the track). Yes he’s name is Mikky Ekko and he’s an amazing artist. I most appreciate how he plays with sound (from the pad and percussion) to be nothing but complimentary to his voice. No doubt you’d be a fan too if you like movie soundtracks. Who doesn’t? Little wonder he made one for Hunger Games – Catching Fire

Other recommended tracks:

Pull Me Down
Stay (featured by Rihanna)
Who Are You, Really?


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