Check out Lagos Transport Edition of 2048 by DenvyCom [GAME]

This may not be as addictive as Flappy bird but it comes close especially if you understand the different ways to commute in Lagos, Nigeria.

2048, Las Gidi Transportation edition is simple enough to play as all you need are your arrow keys to move tiles branded leg, bicycle, okada, keke, danfo, molue, taxi, …, Porsche. When two tiles with the same transportation touch, they merge into one and another random tile pops. Point is to merge as many tiles as possible before you run out of space for new tiles.


Good thing I set a high score above 2048 at first play – if that is of any significance. However this comes recommended if you are looking to pass time and not get frustrated while at it (yes I was referring to Flappy Bird again).

This rip-off adapted version of the game was developed by DenvyCom’s Victor Dibia while the original was made by Gabriele Cirulli of MIT.

Why not take the game for a spin and let’s see how close you come to moving around the city of Lagos in a Porsche.

Play Here


Watchu think?

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