Your Facebook Shared Post’s Thumbnail Matters

Nigeria had just played Kenya during the weekend in the World Cup Qualifiers (Africa) fixture, and the post below caught my attention, but as I was about to click the link, I saw the post’s caption was ‘FG, World Bank collaborate on $300m housing facility‘.


This had nothing to do with sports, so I move on – well until I thought it best to share why it’s important to always have the right thumbnail to go with Facebook posts.

In fact, it’s better to have no thumbnail, and if your image fetcher does not get the right image (this happens many times) you can upload a photo and caption it with the title and link to the article.

Yes, something like the image below:


This will make it easier to spot your post on my news feed, increase the chances of me clicking the url, liking the post, putting down a comment, and even sharing it.



One thought on “Your Facebook Shared Post’s Thumbnail Matters

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