#CanYouSeeMeNow – 5 Tips For Better Twitter Visibility

Someone once defined twitter as a global chat room, where millions of users visit to share tweets using text, and links to photos, videos, and other content formats in 140 characters or less.

With half-a-billion (500,000,000) tweets published daily on the platform (and an expected 1 billion tweets per day in 2014), here are some tips to help your tweets stand out.

1. Line Spacing

This is a trick that gives your tweet much better visibility. The price you pay is 2 characters for every time applied, but it’s definitely worth it, as it quadruples the odds of followers and other tweeters spotting your tweet in a stream. A good example is the quoted tweet below.

2. Bright Coloured Avatars

Colours play a big role in visibility on social networking platforms. It’s been proven that content with primary colours – red, yellow, and blue get better engagement. However not to get restricted to these colours, you can use photos with bright and sharp contrast as your twitter avatar. Red stands out, but if not a fan, orange works too.

3. #Hashtags

Perhaps the best social media innovation, hashtags is now common place on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It all started at Twitter for trends, and group chats e.g. the popular Ashoka #SocentChat for Social Entrepreneurs.

Hashtags can be likened to keywords in Search Engine Optimization, so your tweets get found easily by those with interest in what you are posting. It has also been proven that tweets with hashtags get 2X more engagement.

Here’s a funny video about the abuse of  Hashtag

4. Collapsible URL formats

Do you know tweets with links are 86% more likely to be retweeted? That means more visibility but it doesn’t stop there. Tweeters like to be able to consume the content attached to those links within twitter, whether it’s an image, video, or audio file. While some URL formats support in-twitter previews, other don’t and you want to go for the former.

Good examples include tweeting with pic.twitter.com instead of instagram.com for images, and youtu.be instead of youtube.com for videos.


5. Twitpic

Tweets with images (that can be previewed inside twitter) also get 2X engagement rate, so you want to get into the habit of tweeting with images. It’s even more important now that twitter automatically previews the photos without the user interacting with the tweet in any way. This is definitely a good way to get the attention of anyone scrolling through a stream of tweets.

I hope these helps you get better tweet visibility in a very noisy twitterverse. Do check out the link below for more tips.

Extra: Tweet Like A Pro – Interesting Stats To Help You Perform Better On Twitter

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