#Top10NigerianStartups 2011 – Nominees

It all started from a tweet. “Top 10 Startups for the year 2011” –  according to @TheNextWeb. Only to get replies from @BukkieSho and @etcho3 that they had expected the list to be of Nigerian startups and not foreign startups.

Next thing was to start the #Top10NigerianStartups hashtag on twitter to get people’s opinion via @StartUpNG twitter account. Many thanks to twitterers who participated including: @gbengasesan, @tunbosunt, @Kbawy, @OreFakorede, @Abocco, @SeyiTaylor, to mention a few, a number of nominations were made.

These are the nominees in no particular order:

You can still make your nominations until 10pm tonight after which public polls will be open for people to vote and a selected panel will also give ratings to the nominated startups.

Let’s go!


Watchu think?

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