The Christmas Miracle

This is a short one. Just wanted to share an Christmas miracle that my family – specifically my dad experienced.

May 2010 – My dad was listening to some Christian podcast on his iPhone, as he drove to drop a guest at the University gate. He stopped by the bus-stop, and came down to bid the guest farewell [that was when the phone dropped]. He later noticed as he drove back home that he wasn’t listening to anything again and quickly turned back to the bus-stop [but c’mmon it was a bus-stop and not just in any location but the University of Lagos – no offense]. He didn’t find it.

December 2011 – Strange phone calls to family and friends. The person kept saying he found a phone and has been trying all the contact on the phone. Well, my dad kept telling anyone with the message that he didn’t lose any phone and it may be a new 419 trick. When, the phone calls kept coming, my dad decided to talk to the stranger. He ended with “Look here Mr. Man, I have never lost a phone in my life safe mid last year.” The stranger said it wasn’t possible that it’d be the same phone but reluctantly asked for the make of the phone, only to confirm it was the same phone.

A meet-up was arranged and the “Good Samaritan” handed over the phone claiming he found it at the same bus-stop, and started to call the numbers on the contact list. He refused any compensation except N500 for his transport fare. My dad later put on the phone and found it wasn’t used [his mails and SMS were untouched, and no new numbers on the call list]. He only found an unopened SMS saying – “Please return this phone to the owner, he was listening to the word of God when he lost it.”

Well, there are so many questions on my mind:

  • Who brought the phone back?
  • Why wasn’t the phone used?
  • Is it the “good Samaritan” that stole the phone in the first place?
  • Why wait 18 months to return the phone?
  • How come the “Good Samaritan” just decided to start calling people [as he didn’t even open the SMS]?

Hmmm! I suppose we’d just have to slot this one under the “Christmas Miracle” category.

Merry Christmas.


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