The Cisco Expose: Improvise.Adapt.Overcome


The Cisco Expose is a definitive and comprehensive learning bootcamp conceptualized by SYSPERA to provide the right knowledge and improve technical skillsets in the oft ‘cavernous’ field of Computer Networking.

At The Cisco Expose, flatulence is abhorred and IT Professionals come for advice, solutions and bests practices to their real world networking challenges and prepare them for tomorrow’s innovations through our rigorous and pedagogical (IMPROVISE>ADAPT>OVERCOME) methodology to learning.

The style of instruction at The Cisco Expose is extreme with a military-like semblance hence the word ‘bootcamp’ but with a touch of class and quality. The subject matter experts at The Cisco Expose are the best ranking from industry experts to top-notch faculty.

The Expose kicks off Nov 14th-18th with the CCNA Routing & Switching. Click Here to Register, and see here for more inquiry.


Watchu think?

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