5 must-have Gadgets/Apps for Entrepreneurs

– The common ones in the market are Apple’s iPad 2, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Others are the Motorola xoom, Sony S1 and S2, and the Blackberry Playbook. Why get one of these? It gets you connected almost 24/7 – with different plans from ISPs and mobile internet service, plus wi-fi in areas with wireless connection. Battery life is also amazing, ranging from 5hours to 10 hours when in active use. On standby, we are talking 2-3 days, but what kind of entrepreneur will leave his tablet for so long without any activity?

Skype – Perhaps one of the most used online call service for video and audio, not forgetting the basic chatting service it provides too. Skype currently boasts of over 929 million accounts registered (don’t be surprised that there are only about 50 million active users). Skype was recently bought by Microsoft for $8.5billion, to make it Microsoft’s highest purchase. Conferencing is also possible on Skype and quick tip: mute your mic if it’s not in use; gives a better conference audio experience.

TweetDeck – It was no surprise when twitter acquired TweetDeck. This is an awesome app that allows managing of more than one twitter account (I’m currently managing 14 twitter accounts), a Facebook account – all pages inclusive, LinkedIn, and Google buzz; all on one platform of columns. It’s also across platform: Andriod, iPhone, Desktop, and Chrome (sorry blackberry users). In addition, Tweetdeck allows for scheduled updates, which is pretty cool. It also shrinks with bit.ly – one of the most trusted.

Blackberry – Even though you can’t use TweetDeck on your blackberry, it is still a must-have gadget for every entrepreneur. Blackberry smart phones have defined themselves as business tools that must be at your finger tip. Although different bundles come – social, email + messenger, etc., any entrepreneur will want to have the complete package: Manage all email account, Use the messengers, and have the social network active, without forgetting the internet surfing (no data download cap). Although Battery is a big issue for blackberry users, an extra battery and USB cable to charge from your laptop would come in handy to solve the problem.

Website/Blog – Whether a website or blog, it’s good to have an online dumpsite, where you can put some information about yourself and what you are doing. Embedding social network services such as Facebook and twitter is advisable as it allows for better flow of information (and traffic) from your website or blog to the social networks and backwards. Popular blog services are Blogger and WordPress (I’d suggest the latter).

So what do you think? Any other gadgets or apps that you recommend? Feel free to share 🙂


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