Stupid Finder

Good to be back on the #YingYang Series. Still on the second part of the first in the series – Silent Owner; Stupid Finder. In case you missed the first part – Click Here, ‘cos I’ve covered the Silent Owner and now moving on to the second person:


Stupid Finder: It’s kinda sad when you are the one making the announcement. Afterall you did find an item some person’s lost and may be crying and lamenting over. You did the right thing picking it up with the hopes of making someone’s day.

With a big smile you quickly say “Lost, but found”.  Only to be slapped in the face by all of the class with “Silent Owner, Stupid Finder”. Of course, you get deaf to the first part of the response and get the amplified version of the latter. Poor Mr. Stupid.

What I find interesting is that no matter how many times this happens, the good Samaritan never stops popping up. Do they know they  can become Mr. Stupid in a snap? Maybe they do and are willing to take the risk. Why? Perhaps, the joy of a classmate actually retrieving the found item and saying a big thank you, makes the hurt from been called ‘stupid’ somewhat infinitesimal.

(The End)

P.S. Check out more post on The #YingYang series.


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