The #LocaLoca Series: Language

I thought of having The #LocaLoca Series update every Monday since it’s business related, but then will you have time to read anything of the such on Mondays? There are newspapers – print and online; pending office documents to reach, meetings to attend, and week to plan for. Hence the move to Friday. So there you go; I’d be sharing some tips about business on Fridays under The #LocaLoca Series.

Jumping into the tip for today. Location is very important, that was seen from the part 1 of the series, but Language is another thing you don’t want to mess with when it comes to making good sales (pitch). Again I’d be as practical as possible, as you already may have gotten enough of the text-book info.

I recently came across a sales pitch and it went: “Buy your 100% Indian Human hair. PING me!”. I almost went ballistic, as it was repulsive – not all of it, but the choice to put “Human” in the message. I thought it was only me, but then after asking a number of people – both male and female, I got the same reaction of disgust. It paints a lady from India been shaved of all her hair, which is then packed and shipped to Africa.

So, if it were me, how would I have put the message? First, I want the buyer to know it’s imported, so of course I’d put the “India” (I know how much ladies will pay for that). As of the issue of fake or not, using the word “Original” is just enough to settle that (after all the buyer’s got a choice to see the hair and disagree). Thus – For Sale: India Hair (Original) with an image as my display picture (BlackBerry Ad) will suffice.

Lesson: Choose your language in such a way it appeals to the buyer or person in need of your services.

Do have a nice weekend, and do feel free to drop your comments and opinion on the issue 🙂


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