UPDATE 02: Love.Life.Music


We’ve come a long way; really about to hit the streets with what started out as an idea that may have seemed to good to be done in a society like ours – Nigeria. Well, here’s what has been going down since the last update.

So still in the pre-launch phase, but we may launch earlier than expected, as we are looking to have our first project-event  before November 15th 2011, and it’s themed – A beautiful mess, which revolves around Charitable Education. I’d say no more, but as usual you can follow updates via twitter: @lovelifemusic_ and Facebook group: LoveLifeMusic Cafe.

This will look to showcase the Cafe and Volunteer Corp compenents of the #LLM idea. As the event is meant to take place at the Cafe and the mobile Cafe is meant to go places with the help of a lot of volunteers – The V-Corp. Didn’t I just say I was not going to say more? #LipSealed.

We are also currently in the finals of the Challenge:Future global youth think tank competition with a theme: Meaningful Fun.  Making us 1 of 30 teams from 205 countries. We looking to make our first project-event our final submission to propel us into the final 10.  So here we go. #AirplaneMode


Watchu think?

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