The #LocaLoca Series: Location

Kid 2
Kid 2 | Location

“It’s all about location when it comes to making sales”. Those were the words of Donald Trump in one of the episodes of the famous TV reality show of all times – The Apprentice.

Well I don’t know how much more to stress this truth, because I see some people trying to sell their goods or offer their services at the wrongest place; and I go “C’mmon! You never going to make a buck from this spot

Others have blown me away on where they chose to stand, and often make me go – “Now, that’s just pure genius“.

Without further delay I’d share 2 (simple) experiences of both classes. I’m not going too far to let’s consider a city like Lagos and a common product – Sachet Water a.k.a. “Pure Water”.

Kid 1: Decides to take his own bag of pure water (60 sachet) at around 12 noon and look for places with Traffic. He does find one and sells only 30 and couldn’t go no further. Not because there was no demand, but it was no longer cold. He walked under the sun at noon and could only make half sales.

Kid 2: Aware of the importance of location, decides to depart at 1pm to go straight to a filling station, to sell to commercial buses that came in. He did sell only 30 too, and when he saw temperature was on the rise, he took the still-cold water bag to the front of the gate of the school that closed for 2pm and sold to departing teachers and students.

Kid 1
Kid 1 | Location

I’d stop there for now. See you in Part 2. Will be sharing more on location – as a seller and even buyer. Till then enjoy Nuubee‘s place. Also do watch out for The #YingYang Series coming soon to you on this platform – featuring other notable bloggers #Home&Away

Lesson: Always consider your location and timing with it comes to selling different products. It’s worth spending some time on that. Pause.Plan.Play


6 thoughts on “The #LocaLoca Series: Location

  1. Hi.But why are they children hawking in the first place?Please say something ’bout child abuse in part2….waiting anxiously 😀

  2. Nontheless,this is a very correct marketing strategy…..selling it just the way the customer likes it is key.Afterall,the consumer is king!(Y)

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