Issa calls. Dangel diva responds.

Dangel Diva
Dangel Diva: African

Dangeldiva is her nickname and she’s beautiful. I was always of the school of thought that awesomely beautiful ladies lacked brains and just use thier faces to make up.

Well I was proven wrong when I met the duo: Jenniferumeh aka Bellurie (as you can see the name and surname is together; that’s how we call it) and Damilola Teidi aka Dangeldiva. Both 1st class materials International Relations and Information Technology respectively. #Beauty&Brains

So my friend – Dangeldiva is a model right from Uni days back in Turkey and back in 9ja to rock the modelling sphere. She’s already doing it with appearances on A-list look books and the famous Music Meets Runway. Time to add another medal to the star-‘bucks’ /box/.

It’s ISSA and a call for models. Dangeldiva is definitely up for the occassion but needs your help by clicking HERE. Simply Check out her photos, stats and vote for her #Capiche


Watchu think?

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