Mr. Corporate Slave :: Miss. Free Bird

Corporate Slave
Corporate Slave

Trust me I was shocked when a colleague decided to join the corporate slave train after being a free bird for while. For the sake of this blog, I’d call her Miss D.

Miss D after being a freelance online editor & writer for quite a chunk of her life in the industry (she’s still young though), decided to submit herself to the corporate slave market.

Funny how I actually turned down the firm where she’s now headed, for where she’d be leaving from. #Irony. It sure seems like 2 trains heading towards different directions but passing through the same terminal.

True! You may get more salary being a corporate slave, but then you seem to trade that for you freedom and creativity. Who cares, as long as it pays the bills? That sure seem to be a good point. But truth is we are different people with different destinations, but a good map out of the journey isn’t bad.  I may be a corporate slave later but only as a phase.

A second friend and close too did choose (and saw it coming) to become a corporate slave but with plans to become a master someday – let’s call him Mr A. He is still a free bird during weekends and is sure climbing up the ladder fast. I don’t think Miss D may have the same chances, but who knows?

For me, I’m still a free bird and even when you put me in the corporate slave market, I promise to fly as long as my wings are not clipped and feathers ruffled. At least I’d try my best to, else I’m gonna go Phoenix on everybody.


9 thoughts on “Mr. Corporate Slave :: Miss. Free Bird

    1. Yeah. We definitely wanna be masters. Good thing you recognize the corporate slavery is just a phase, ‘cos without that mentality, one gets stuck in the market. Good luck

  1. Haha! I know that for me, corporate slavery is a phase that will pass. Let’s just say this free bird is going for ‘underground training’ for a while. Nice one. 🙂

    1. Thanks for gracing this with your comment Miss D. Serve your master well and learn all of ’em tricks in the book. Do wish you all the best. Let’s fly soon #FreeBirdStyle

  2. Arent we all slaves in the end of it?
    The pinch is to figure out which master’s worth your freedom
    I’ll slave and all that. If it rewards me enough maybe i’ll stick with it till i can buy myself off.
    But i’m not subbing one master for another. No sir.

    Well put together. Great post.

    1. Looks who’s here 🙂 The Nokia User graces us with his presence. I totally agree we are all slaves working for one master who could then be slave to another master. #ViciousChainOfSlaves.

      But then Let’s slave for today and be masters tomorrow.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Not everyone will be an entrepreneur. Not everyone is ‘creative’. And I think slavery is a rather demeaning term to use. My opinion

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