My Top 3 Blogs; er! maybe website too

Blogs I dig
Blogs I dig

Having seen some blogs, subscribed to some, and just visit others for the awesome designs they have, I have come to respect and cherish a few of them.

So I decided to share my top 3 favorite blogs:

  • Seth Godin – Definitely a blog. He writes the main deal and in a concise way. I loved his post that I had to subscribe to it and now get a near-daily post in my inbox.
  • – I kinda experience an increase in my heart beat rate when I punch in “w i r e d ….”. Perhaps because of how I fell in love with the web graphics and placement of content on this blog. Yeah. You may call it a website, but it is a cool destination for all things tech.
  • Penelope Trunk – She is awesome. I don’t know the deal with her kid in most of her post, but aside that. I like the loud website, theme of her post as well as the photos that come with ’em. I can call her my online/blog mom. I hope she doesn’t mind adopting me for real.

So there you have it. My top 3 blogs. I hope you share yours with me.


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