#ScoreOrOffside: Innovate.Evaluate.Replicate

Hey Guys! It has sure been a while, but it’s good to be back to update this, especially since I’m kinda excited about this subject-topic. #ScoreOrOffside

The original idea kicked off with a group of young researchers who went to South Africa to take a look for themselves (in May 2011) South-Africa’s progress by the World Cup. Debates are taking place, conclusions are often already set. Of the investments for South-Africa’s World Cup is nothing left? Is this conclusion real? Well it sure seems it turned to be one of mixed results. (more on the findings coming soon)

Nonetheless, I decided to pick up the trail and continue the #ScoreOrOffside project but with a slightly different goal. It is now about measuring impact and getting to maximize the punch-effect of ideas, initiatives and projects by asking the sport metaphor question – #ScoreOrOffside?!

Follow me for update via: facebook page – ScoreOrOffside: Africa, twitter – @ScoreOrOffside, tumblr – ScoreOrOffside or e-mail us on scoreoroffside@gmail.com


Watchu think?

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