Update01: Love|Life|Music Project

Hello World!

Just here to give you an update on the Love|Life|Music Project. As promised, we are now in the prelaunch time zone i.e. from Feb 12, 2011 to Feb 12, 2012. So what’s been done so far?

We finally got a set of colors to represent the Love|Life Music Project, as well as the first set of symbols – Heart|Plant|Quaver (as shown below). The Facebook prelaunch group has also been opened, where you can be part of the development/planning phase of the project. So feel free to click on the link and join the conversation and mold up of this awesome project.


The Project Avatar



Currently on board are two great minds who have started to share their ideas and views – The Future Project‘s Ahmed Adeyanju (The Philosopher) and Tobbie ( The ThinkCreateDestroy Guy) based in the UK. We also have some other people who you can meet with at the Facebook group – where you can chat and rub minds on this creative phase. Also see the Tumblr Blog for this.

On going task includes the creating of the sound track for the project by DJ Myster Java (Nigeria) and Sound Engineer & Producer – Rasheed (Iran). So what are you waiting for? Join these people and let’s make this happen. Suggest how you can contribute to this project at the design phase – having at the back of your mind that:

The Love|Life|Music Project is all about youth Expression|Perception|Participation.


Facebook Group | Tumblr Blog


Watchu think?

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