2011 – These Three Things

Welcome to the New Year 2011. This is definitely going to be the year of amazing and awesome happenings, accomplishments, events, and occurrences. So when it happens, remember where you read it – here in Nuubee’s place. I do have a feeling (had it since the first tick of the new year) that most things are going to come in threes – #Trinity, and sure already have some already.

I decided to have one resolution for the Year 2011, and it is to “Have No Resolutions!”, but rather have a VISION, set GOALs to reach the VISION, and make PLANs to reach the set GOALs. So there’s the first 3s – VISION | GOAL | PLAN. I sure hope you adopt this, as we mostly make resolutions to break ém and then make in the next year. So what other 3s do I have under my sleeves?

Yeah the second and kind of the coolest is my module for 2011 which happens to be: LOVE | LIFE | MUSIC. Don’t ask me how it came to be, but instead understand that the year of 2011 is one to LOVE – sharing and caring for all people in the world; a year to celebrate LIFE – cherishing every ounce of this unique feature, and lastly the year of MUSIC – how do I explain that? LOVE | LIFE | MUSIC would launch on 12.02.2011 with what is to be for 2011. So do look forward to that.

Until then, Keep reading, loving, living, singing, dancing ,and celebrate. We made it to the new year, but also don’t get carried away, and start to make plans to meet your goals of achieving your vision – cos time waits for no man. Tic-Tuc Tic-Tuc and we’d be saying happy new year again – 2012. Welcome  again to 2011. #Cheers


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