The Ladybird and The Fly

This happened a few weeks ago, as I walked to an exam. I did sleep late the night before and was still feeling grumpy when I walked out of bed towards the exam hall. I then noticed I had set out a little earlier than usual and had more time to cover the usual 8-minute walk.

As I was about getting to my department(exam center), first came the ladybird in all of her (assuming it’s a she) beauty, with her wings shinny under the sun, but then I found myself crushing it with the sole of my feet. Well, I didn’t think much of it. Then came the fly crawling (I think it was injured): all tattered and drab, but I found myself excusing it, as I walked past it.

A few walks away, I asked myself: “Why did I crush the beautiful ladybird, and leave the tattered fly?”


Watchu think?

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