Our Humanity: The Haiti Platform

Who is to blame? Who do we hold accountable for this? Who should be brought to the stands to give answers for the reason why the Haitians are scattered all over the place? Forty Seconds! Not even up to a minute and a whole nation is up in riuns.

A friend said “I never knew of Haiti until now, and look what now I know them for”. For what reason have this befallen them? After all it’s said that “there is a reason for everything”. Anybody got a reason why a boy is crushed under the weight of solid concrete debris.

I’ve tried so hard to see the silver-lining, and no matter how hard I try to dismiss it, maybe because of it’s infinitesimal magnitude in comparison to the earthquakes’ or maybe I never thought poor Haiti could experience anything worse, but then it keeps coming to me – a test of our Humanity.

Happuna! Haitiness!


Watchu think?

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