Chewed off the fog! Tasted like Mist!

Well you can consider this as one way for me to avoid being seen as confused. But now you know guess there’s no need for that. So why the confusion between fog and mist. Well I thought of mist from some movies I saw a few years ago. White cloud close to the biosphere and some monster hidden in it. And fog? Well simple weather-channel.
I got off the bus this morning, and it was quite a clear day. It was around 8.20 am, so it was not news that it was a bit chilly on a february morning. So I headed to the bank for some transaction which give-or-take, would have taken (not given) about 30 minutes tops. After which I headed for work, but then I noticed the white thick clouds surrounding me.
That’s no metaphor! They were really there and soon I had water-logged eyes. So was it mist or fog? I dunno! Does it really matter? Well depends on how you look at it. Let’s just say for knowledge sake, I looked up the weather website and to my surprise Humidity: 94% (that’s water content in air); Visibility: 2 miles. Then I looked up the dictionary and noticed Fog and Mist are kind of the same thing with the only difference as Mist reduces visibility to a lesser degree than Fog.
Well I think I’ve seen worse, so this would have to be…… Go Figure!

Happuna! Fogimistness!

Watchu think?

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