and we played all night…..

That phrase took a whole new meaning when I remember an event at the just concluded 7th EastMed Local congress. It was a day I wish I had more often. The day started like a typical one – of course the date was different. I went for the sessions and behaved myself like a “gentle boy”. The OC party the day before was good and the FACI party that night was not going as I wanted until we left the four walls of that techno-filled room to the open grounds.
In high-spirit (highness from whatever source), did I play as I have never played before. I played so hard I was on the ground chatting the roll-call blabbers. It was going deep into the night and people started going to bed “poco-a-poco”. Then it started. I picked myself off the ground, got the guitar back and went all sober and started playing for 3 FACIs – Irony: They were on higher grounds, so I was looking up while playing to ’em. I ran one of my originals by them and I think they liked it.
2 FACIs out and 1 left to go. We Sing, We dance, We steal things- Jason Mraz. We sang songs together, well, not really danced, but moved to rythm and I definitely stole expressions from her eyes every now and then. It was awesome – not the stealing, but the whole event ……and we played all night into the morning.
Happuna! Liliyaness!

Watchu think?

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