do i hear school bell ringing?

Of course! It’s gotta be! School resumes next week. Already sighting the newbies coming in. Oh! the oldies know better not to come for the first week in school as it’s going to be nothing but introduction and reunions. So what’s up for the new semester? Oh! Trust! It’s going to be like no other. Duh! Like it can.

Well it’s going to be foremost musical. I can assure you of that. If i were a billionaire right now, I’d make a movie for the semester – “University Musical” – it’s gonna be a quadology as it takes 4 years to finish the university 😀 Newaiz, gonna be have some concertos, musicals, and art gatherings.

Academically, gonna be having lots of IEEE, Microsoft and EESTEC related activities. Oh! you should check out my timetable – 5 departmental courses, all 4 units except 1. Well I got Photography as an elective to steam off. So waiting for friends who are still off the island and hope it’s a blissful and blessed semester.

Enjoy today’s song: 10,000 Motherfuckers by Jason Mraz – to be performed by Y.E.N.I. on October 1st 2009.

Happuna! Halleluyahness!

Watchu think?

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