~o~o~ f r i e n d ~o~o~ l o v e r ~o~o~

I thought I was through with this. You just gonna hurt another. C’mmon man, chill. All there is should be friendship and nothing more. Yeah! I got a crush. Everybody’s got a crush. What’s life if it ain’t for crushes – crush on architecture; crush on car models; crush on ladies; crush on teachers; crush on designer wears.

So beat it! Let’s just be friends – we say this alot, or do u hear it alot? Well I think I should have thought a little more before saying anything especially to someone I admire so dearly. Now if you don’t understand any of this. It’s because you are really not meant to. So please chill and let me just let those words out.

Hardworking Star! I got a big crush on you and even though things might be awkward from now on, you just look at the big picture: Do we really fit into this world? I don’t think so. Be my friend, my closest of friend – a friend hanging on to a thread from a lover’s clothing. I love you as much as I should and won’t exceed the bounds of which I must step.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Make me that friend and I’ll be the best you ever had.

Happuna! Aminess!

Watchu think?

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