lamentation from a lost course……

well it’s common saying remixed. Yeah you know the popular saying – “never judge a book by it’s ……” bla bla bla. I get to have a taste of what I threw away a while ago. I was set on getting a target when the spoils were already at my feet in a war I never ventured into. Gosh, I opened my ears to what people had to say, and never for a second stop to see the person in front of me.

She’s this, She’s that ….. He’s them, He’s those ….. it’s is, it’s are……. Well, now it’s no more, and that which I try to get is out of reach too. Had to settle for a broken heart, one I’ve healed and do cherish. But then seeing what was right at my feet – an offering to be made whole; even when I had all compasses marking north on my grabs, I fell off course and strayed off path.

what would have become of us, if it went as it was meant to, or is this what was meant to happen. I mean this and not that. I am here, and it’s over there – I don’t think I did what was meant to be done.

Happuna! Regretness!

Watchu think?

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