Do you want to read this?

I hear people say things about “time”. People sharing their different ways of perceiving time. Some based on the system of clocking, others – the seasons, and even some don’t have a clue on how they see it, but just have hunches on how to perceive it (what you might call coincidence).

Well consider the first paragraph you just read, as how I stole (………….) 15 seconds of your time today. Well I’m still stealing it, because you are still reading this. But then what’s your opportunity cost? What have you given up to be reading this? (For the non-economics people)

I really had nothing to say today, and really considering changing the title of this post to – “amma steal your time”, but I already did. This don’t mean I won’t have something for you tomorrow. I also trade too. Your time for something you might really want to read, know or understand.

Happuna! Asikoness!

Watchu think?

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