things are looking better

yeah… things are kinda looking a lot better. EESTEC LC Famagusta is finally going be hosting her event from 27th of August to 3rd of September and its about “Microsoft Silverlight Code Camp” as well as supporting the Internation Conference of Soft Computing. So things are really taking shape.

I also plan on attending the IEEE Student branch congress in Izmir from 7th-11th of August, and my friends in Es Es afterwards, but it all depends on if I get the one month visa. (Insallah). Well my (our) company is shifting towards reality and we might just go public in september.

Things are really looking good and hope they get better with time. So. Goodluck and enjoy the summer holiday n the blessings n cash it brings along.

Happuna! Iyiness!


Watchu think?

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