I needed the grounds to swallow me up

Wasn’t really looking forward to this. Not as I was at the EEE shock party earlier in the semester. Oh! dont get me wrong. This was a lesser event in terns of heirachy or attendance. On the contrary, it was superior in every way.

But you know how they say, he who fails to plan, plans to fail. Well, I am not going to be pointing fingers ’cause the i’d be nothing but an hypocrite. But this I can boldly say – the low bar has been set and we going no lower than that.

In all positivity do I salute my fellow commarades, and I do dedicate this song to y’all.

Loke Loke – by our own D’banj

I did wish there was a national black out right before we went on, or the ground swallowed me up, but mostly that something magical came out of this…. but then, u dont always get what you want. But watch out for the next ! Yeah U heard me! A sin meye bo la po***

Happuna! Embarrasedness!

A sin meye bo la po*** –
we’ve not started


Watchu think?

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