The King of Pop is Dead – The Lengend!

You know, it’s kind of disgusting to call someone who is still alive – A Legend. But then for everything on the surface of the earth, we got exemptions. These exemptions however have appeared in all spheres of life from sports, cuisine and art, to education, music and science. For example, no one would contest that Al Pacino is Legend in the world of cinematography, or Micheal Jordan is Legend in sports. Albert Einstein was also Legend even before his death, and so on and so forth

But when I heard he was dead, I laughed so hard, because I would have bet my life that it was some cooked up rumour, as that was part and parcel of his existence. But he was really dead. Micheal Jackson is dead! Yeah! DEAD! DEAD! Wood dead! Iron Dead! Concrete Dead! Dead Dead! He is dead! He did not only die, but transcended from being a Living Legend to a Dead Legend – A real Legend.

Long Live the King of Pop – Micheal Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Happuna! MJness!


Watchu think?

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