Summer – from EAST to NEAR EAST

Yeah! I know! I should be sending you this post from English soil but no I’m not. I am still in Kibris aka Northern Cyprus aka The Island. Get the post title now? I had planned to be in london by 9am this morning – that’s where the summer was supposed to start, but no no no, it aint happening as summer just moved from East (London-> England -> Europe) to Near East ( Kibris -> Turkey -? Macedonia) and yeah I know I have a “question mark” in front of Macedonia as that ain’t sure yet.

Well here’s the plan. There is no plan! At least for now. I see myself on the island for the next month (31 days), and hope to hustle to get out to Turkey and maybe Macedonia 😉 Well, consider that a thesis for now. So why did summer move? East is definitely better than Near East, even if you look at it literally. I’d rather have gold than near-gold.

But then the show must go on. For some reasons unsharable via Happuna! cos it ain’t HAPpeningI’d rest my case and holla at ya when something concrete comes in.

Happuna! Summerness!

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